Health Care Professional – Are You a Good Candidate to Be One?

Anyone who considers being a Health Professional as their chosen profession, needs to think if they indeed possess the special quality needed along with the desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

Here are some facts about 3 Healthcare Professions:

1. Registered Nurses

  • Work as patient advocates during the care and the recovery of their patients which includes health maintenance.
  • Evaluate the nursing care of their patients who are sick or injured. RNs have a great more deal of education and clinical training than licensed practical nurses.
  • Focus on the overall care of patients. They give medications under the complete supervision of doctors as well as keep records of symptoms along with any progress.
  • Supervise LPNs (Licensed Practical Nurses) as well as Nursing Aides, and Orderlies.
  • Work to promote good health and prevent illness. They educate patients and the public about various medical conditions; treat patients and help in their rehabilitation; and provide advice and emotional support to patients’ families. RNs use a great amount of their judgment in providing a wide variety of services.

2. Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) Licensed practical nurses is considered one of the fastest growing careers within 2010.

  • Provide nursing care within simple situations as well as within complex ones.
  • Assess vital signs, observe and monitor their patient’s reactions to treatment.
  • Administer specific medication as well as vaccines and other types of injections.
  • Document information for their patient’s record.

3. Certified Nursing Assistants –

  • Assist individuals with activities of everyday life providing bedside care which includes basic nursing procedures. Everything is done; however, under the complete supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse.
  • Take vital signs
  • Answer call lights
  • Make beds
  • Deliver messages
  • Monitor patients reporting changes
  • Collect samples for testing
  • Monitor food and liquid input/output

As you see by reading the above, it does take a special person to be responsible for all these duties. Once you realize this particular career suits you, it is important to choose a place to work who is dedicated to the well-being of others. Besides working in a hospital setting, Health Care Professionals are also involved in Home Health Care. Home care can be very satisfying since it can help a person stay in their own house and away from a nursing home.