When to Call a Home Health Care Professional

This can be a very stressful. Hopefully, we can help you decide when to call a professional. Many people may need home health care including: disabled persons, chronically ill, cognitive impaired and older adults. When you have an elderly family member at home, you may be struggling to decide when to call a professional. Having someone in your home to help with your family members may cost you less money and allow you more freedom. Older adults will feel more comfortable in their homes. The ability to stay at home will allow them to keep a since of security. They will also avoid the social stigma that comes along with being in a nursing home. Being at home will allow them to stay social in their community. There is a true freedom that you get when you are allowed to stay in your home.

However, if staying at home by themselves is dangerous, a home health care aide can be very beneficial. A home care aide can help prevent falls, burns and overdosing on medications. Nurses can come in to give medications while therapist will come in to help build the clients’ strength. A companion can also be used for the things such as cleaning and taking the clients to Dr Appointments. You can also have a sitter come in if you just need a small break to do small errands. Being allowed to leave your loved one home with a trusted caregiver can also be very freeing.

Home health aides are trained to deal with all sorts of aliments including: Dementia/Alzheimer’s, chronic pain, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, many heart and lung diseases. Anyone who has ever been a caregiver knows that having patients is a key ingredient to being a good caregiver. There are many good caregivers available, the key is to find one that is right for you.